Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Don't Need a Sugar Mama

I recently heard comments from an artist about having trouble finding time in the studio, that there's always something to do, that he needed a sugar mama.  His perfect scenario was all about having this or having that.

My first response to that mentality is this: your studio is your perfect scenario.  You need nothing else.  In fact, most of us need fewer things in our lives.  Fewer things to buy, maintain, repair, clean, or just plain use.  Imagine if, on some days, you didn't have a perfectly functioning tv or car.  You would most likely not soak up time with useless trips to the mall or watch useless shows about women who are neither real nor housewives.  Right there, you have more time for the studio.  And life throws actual problems your way, TRIAGE, TRIAGE, TRIAGE.

My second response is that you don't need a sugar mama/daddy - Your art does!  Your art will not create itself.  It will not develop or improve itself.  It will not find new direction or new technique on its own.  You have to be there.  You have to cater to it.  Art may be inspiring.  Art may feed your soul.  But if your art - your time in the studio - doesn't make you physically tired, then you're not putting in the energy.  Everyone is creative, but not everyone is an artist.

So, take the kids to school.  Pay your water bill.  Buy the groceries.  But forget the shoe sale.  Have someone else cut your grass.  Leave the TV unplugged.  And when you show up with breathtaking art, all is right with the world.